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Woodson County

We're now part of Southwind Extension District!

If you thought the information we have provided for you in the past has been good, then you're in for a treat!  As part of Southwind, we are able to bring you six agents with six areas of expertise:

  • Carla Nemecek, District Director and Ag/Natural Resources Agent in the Iola office
  • Kathy McEwan, FACS Food and Nutrition Agent in the Iola office
  • Krista Harding, Horticulture Agent in the Erie office
  • Joy Miller, Family and Consumer Science Agent in the Fort Scott office
  • Chris Petty, Livestock Production and Forage Management Agent in the Fort Scott office
  • Jennifer Terrell, 4-H Agent in the Erie office
  • And don't forget our own Dale Lanham, Sheep and Goat Management Agent here in Yates Center, and
  • Barbara Stockebrand, Adult Development and Aging Agent in Yates Center.

Call our office to see what days the agents are in the Yates Center office, and come meet them!

The Woodson County KSRE page will soon disappear, so bookmark the Southwind page now:  www.southwind.k-state.edu